When ankle pain strikes, something as simple as getting out of bed can seem impossible. Michael Maskill, DPM, and the experienced team at Kalamazoo Foot and Ankle Specialists treat all types of ankle conditions.

At their offices in Portage and Three Rivers, Michigan, they use the latest technology in foot and ankle surgery to determine the root cause of your ankle pain and provide the most effective treatment. To schedule an appointment, call Kalamazoo Foot and Ankle Specialists or book online today.

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What causes ankle pain?

Your ankle connects your foot to your lower leg. It plays a vital role in your gait (the way you walk), mobility, and posture. When an injury or degenerative condition affects your ankle, it can damage your ability to walk without pain. The most common causes of ankle pain include:

Ankle arthritis
Arthritis causes pain and inflammation in the joints. If you have arthritis in your ankle joint, you can experience stiffness, pain, tenderness, and trouble moving or putting weight on your ankle.

Ankle sprain
Sprains are the most common ankle injuries. More than 28,000 people sprain their ankles each day in the United States alone.

An ankle sprain can happen if you roll or twist your ankle, stretching or tearing the ligaments that surround the joint. While you may be able to put weight on your ankle, it typically looks swollen and/or bruised.

Achilles tendinitis
The Achilles tendon connects your calf muscle to your heel bone. Any injury to this tendon — the largest one in your body — causes pain, inflammation, tenderness, and restricted mobility. Most people with Achilles tendinitis are either runners or new to intense exercise.

Ankle instability
If you often endure ankle sprains, you probably have unstable ankles. This chronic condition usually develops after repeated ankle sprains.

How do doctors diagnose ankle pain?

Dr. Maskill uses several diagnostic tools to discover what’s causing your ankle pain. He starts by examining your ankle and reviewing your medical history. This can help him to determine if you have any preexisting conditions that could increase your chances of developing certain ankle conditions or injuries.

If you need more tests to determine the cause or confirm a diagnosis, Dr. Maskill can order certain imaging procedures.

How is ankle pain treated?

Dr. Maskill offers a wide range of treatments for ankle pain. He provides both conservative and surgical treatments that get at the root cause of your problem. If anti-inflammatory medications, rest, and ice therapy don’t relieve your ankle pain, Dr. Maskill can use steroid injections to reduce the inflammation around the affected joint.

He also does arthroscopic ankle surgery. This surgical procedure involves using a small camera and surgical tools to repair damaged tissue inside the ankle without making any large cuts.

For severe cases of ankle pain, Mr. Maskill can do a full ankle replacement. He replaces the damaged parts of your ankle with artificial parts. This should restore the function and mobility of your ankle.

If you’re suffering chronic ankle pain, call Kalamazoo Foot and Ankle Specialists or schedule an appointment online now.

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